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Why do they have eyes?

I took Tom to see Thor: The Dark World today. Was lots of fun. I do love the Avenger series from Marvel. Great dialogue, awesome action scenes, fun special effects, and some nice sneaky plot lines.

But while I was happy to go along with the crazy science and magic of the Marvel world, the one thing that bothered me had Tom laughing.

In The Dark World there is a race of aliens called Dark Elves, who existed before light ever came to being in the universe. The light doesn't kill them or hurt them as far as I could tell, but it did piss them off. And so they wanted to get rid of all the light in the universe. And thus the movie's plot is born.

However, what I wanted to know was why the elves had eyes? In a dark universe, they would have evolved without the need for vision. They would have used echolocation or something cool like that. After all, primitive life is thought to have originally developed eyes to sense day from night; there would have been no need for that in a dark universe...

Then again, there would have been no plot if that was the case.

Also, I think Loki is way cooler than Thor. Just sayin'.



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5th Nov, 2013 12:52 (UTC)
What really counts as dark? It's strange to have this great big universe, and all the aliens see the same visible spectrum humans do.

Perils of working with mythology I guess.

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8th Nov, 2013 05:03 (UTC)
Well, they mean an absence of light. And we can measure the electromagnetic spectrum...
6th Nov, 2013 21:45 (UTC)
Lol. We haven't seen it yet, but when I read this to Lewis his comment was "Maybe their eyes to echolocation!"

But as for elves existing before light... before light means before stars. HOW do they get the energy to live at all?
6th Nov, 2013 21:51 (UTC)
And then I started ranting to L about how Elves evolving in the cosmological dark ages doesn't even make sense because at that point the universe was composed entirely of hydrogen with only a little bit of helium and lithium thrown in and NOTHING ELSE AT ALL and even if you could form "planets" out of just hydrogen, there's no way you could form life because hydrogen really isn't the kind of element you can form anything larger than a hydrogen molecule (H2) out of. LET ALONE DARK ELVES.
8th Nov, 2013 05:05 (UTC)
Yeah, hehehe. The problem when you start looking a problem that wasn't really thought out beyond 'just cos'. And I mean, the Dark Elves looked carbon based.

But it's still a fun movie!
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