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Knitting V2.0

Hrm, so turns out I have an uncanny ability to add stitches, rather than drop them. I ended up doubling the length! Had to try again - with fewer initial stitches so it was easier to keep track. Last 'scarf' looked like a pectoral!

New scarf is about 20 cm long now.

My hands hurt.



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26th Jul, 2014 10:21 (UTC)
I sometimes add too. The truth is, I can only knit a scarf anyway, and it doesn't matter, as long as it's just for yourself. :-)

Edited at 2014-07-26 10:22 (UTC)
27th Jul, 2014 08:25 (UTC)
I think a scarf is at the peak of my skill set...
Emma Wearmouth
27th Jul, 2014 00:27 (UTC)
I did this when I started, too.

What is most likely happening is that you are accidentally creating a yarn over - make sure before you have yarn at the back of your work, not the front, before making a knit stitch, and at the front, not the back for a purl stitch. Having the yarn on the wrong side for the stitch type gives you an extra wrap around the needle, which you are then knitting as usual in the next row. If you have 'holes' appearing in your work, this is definitely what is happening.
27th Jul, 2014 08:26 (UTC)
Thanks! The new scarf is going better. I am being more careful!!
27th Jul, 2014 20:50 (UTC)
You might also be picking up stitches between stitches. That happens when the tip of the needle grabs the bar that's between stitches. It happens a lot when you put down the work in the middle of a row.
27th Jul, 2014 22:51 (UTC)
I think that could have been happening, but I didn't put it down too much, probably just wasn't paying enough attention!!
27th Jul, 2014 20:53 (UTC)
Honey, we call those "design elements."

R*E*L*A*X your hands so they don't cramp up. Since you haven't knitted in such a long time, it will take a while before your hands remember how to simply let things slide.

There must be more photos!

Also, are you familiar with Ravelry?
27th Jul, 2014 22:54 (UTC)
I think I also knitted for too long without getting my hands used to it. Did over 40 cm in one day!

Haven't seen Ravelry before. Is it good?</p>

I'll put up some pics of the new scarf!!

28th Jul, 2014 12:53 (UTC)
Ravelry is the crack site for fiber workers. Once you dive in, you won't come out for hours. It's free to sign up.
28th Jul, 2014 23:20 (UTC)
Awesome! I'll check it out
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