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Almost home...

So the last week has been rather hectic. I am on the way home as I type (well, am waiting in an airport).

I've been in northern Queensland for work, and it's really hot compared to Melbourne! I spent most of my time red-cheeked and sweating, since it was almost 40 degrees (compared to Melbourne's 18 degrees Celsius).

It was a good week, though. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. And I scored some fossils! They were sitting on piles that were going to be crushed for gravel. They're marine fossils, from when Australia had what's called 'the inland sea', during the Cretaceous period.

Below is a picture of a belemite, which I first thought was a tooth. It's actually a squid fossil.

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Away again

Well, life has been pretty hectic lately. Am off again today for a week for work. Back up to Queensland - 6.00 am flight, so up at 3.30 am. It's not right to be up before the sun (but I seem to do this for work fairly often...)

Tom and I have been trying to buy a house, but rather than negotiating with the owners, it seems more like they're dictating and hoping we'll pay what they want. We won't, so we've had to walk away, which is a shame. But we need to make updates and at their price, there's no money to do that.

Otherwise, the week I get back I'll be giving a conference paper, and the following week, my second lecture.

And of course, there's Bloodstones. It's so close to being ready - very exciting!

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The damage

This is a pic of the damage done to my car last night. The huge dent did pop back out, but now there are smaller dents and scratches all over the roof.


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Cat Picture!

This was how Lily was staring at me earlier.

Part of me feared for my life, the other thought she looked like that rabbit from Donnie Darko.

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Christmas tree

While not a religious person, I do celebrate Christmas. It's a great time to catch up with friends and family and eat lots of food.

Last night I set up the tree, much to Tom's dismay. The cats were outside in their run because I thought they would be less tempted by shiny things if they couldn't see them move around.

Here is the tree sans lights:

Here it is with lights:

Can you see the kitten?

My plan half worked. She's intrigued, but hasn't stolen anything yet...

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