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Bloodlines Guest Post: Jane Percival 'The Mysterious Mr Montague'

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bloodlines, I'll be hosting a series of blog posts from the fabulous authors. This guest post is from Jane Percival, who wrote a quirky and disturbing tale called 'The Mysterious Mr Montague'.

When I first read the call for submissions for the Bloodlines anthology I was intrigued.

How to write a story about blood?

It set me thinking about the kinds of scenarios the thought of blood evoked. A range of gory spectacles scrolled through my mind – grisly injuries and mutilations (the stuff of horror movies), scenes from my childhood (a bleeding nose, a bloody gum, gouged knees), blood swirling in green seawater (flowing from an abattoir, in times before such emissions were banned).

Then I thought of how the senses react to blood – the taste, the smell, the colour, the feel. Even the sound – I imagine it would gurgle thickly if a bucket of it was poured down a drain. Plus, the sight of blood is compelling. It was these images that came to mind first, and yet it was an early memory of the smell of blood that that finally helped me find the words. I’m a pantser when it comes to writing, and the story unfolded as I typed.

About Jane

Jane Percival lives on the Kaipara Harbour, north-west of Auckland, New Zealand. On a typical day she juggles gardening, household tasks and writing; a good day being one where she manages to write for a couple of hours, garden for a couple of hours, cook up something yummy for tea, and walk at least 10,000 steps. She particularly enjoys writing speculative fiction and has been published in Fiction on the Web, In Flash Frontier, and Micro Madness.
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