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Well, my blogging has totally fallen away. I shall aim to do better!

So... updates!


I have been busy working on the next Graced novella. It is completely standalone (but does have a cameo of a certain Red-eyed character), and is currently titled Ashes. I haven't got the blurb approved yet, but will post a sneak preview when it is ready. The novella is set concurrently to Bitten, but is in Skarva, rather than Pinton (where Elle, Clay, Dante and the gang are based).

Free books

I am in an instafreebie promotion at the moment, where there are 50 free PNR books available for download! Please click here (or on the image below), to check our your next free book!


Lucky me! Tomorrow I will be heading over to Zimbabwe and South Africa for a short holiday! So excited! Whoop! I will post some pictures on my return!
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