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Interesting archaeology news

I regularly post interesting archaeology news in my VIP Readers Group newsletter. So if you're keen to check them out, feel free to join my newsletter. However, here's some of my favourites from the past year:

  • First up, because this is a topic of hot debate right now (like, people are literally arguing now): Australia has a new potential date for occupation. We've all accepted the 45,000-50,000 year mark for settlement, but new dates show it might be 65,000 years ago.

  • The above dating also means that Australia has the earliest evidence for ground-stone axe technology in the world.

  • You may have heard of the 'hobbit' or more accurately, Homo floresiensis, which was found in Indonesia. This is also a big topic for debate, with some scientists claiming that H. floresiensis are humans with pathology (i.e. they have an illness that makes them appear different). However, new research shows that these hominids were around much earlier than previously thought - the original dates said that H. floresiensis lived around 18,000 years ago. New dates have pushed it back to over 60,000 years! And that they are definitely not Homo sapiens like us. Check out more here.

  • Archaeologists found a fire-making stone slab, that dates to 9,000 year ago! Article is here.

  • A new cache of mummies have been found in Egypt, near Minya. Here are two articles about the finds: here and here.

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